O'Banion & Ritchey LLP is a law firm specializing in intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and unfair competition) and related litigation and licensing. O'Banion & Ritchey LLP prides itself on being able to offer the personalized service and competitive rates of a small firm, while also being able to serve all of a client's needs regarding intellectual property matters, in any technology.

  •  Protection & Registration of Intellectual Property Rights
  •  Patent Practice
  •  Trademark Practice
  •  Copyright Practice
  •  Trade Secret Practice
  •  Litigation & Licensing Services

Protection & Registration:

The firm's services encompass protection and registration of intellectual property rights not only in the United States, but throughout the world. These services include negotiating and structuring licensing and technology transfer agreements, and representing clients in disputes that arise from technological issues. Many of these matters involve both complex technology and novel questions of law. 

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Patent Practice:

Our patent practice includes advising clients as to the patentability of inventions, the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, and addressing questions of validity and infringement of patents.  Also, please visit our Medical Device Patent Law Website by clicking here.

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Trademark Practice:

The firm's trademark practice includes the determination of trademark and service mark availability, the preparation and prosecution of trademark applications, and counseling clients with regard to the selection, use and enforcement of trademarks. 

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Copyright Practice:

In the area of copyrights, the firm's practice includes registering and enforcing copyrights, as well as advising clients with regard to the scope and use of their copyright protection.

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Trade Secret Practice:

Our trade secret practice involves counseling clients regarding protection of trade secrets and implementing procedures to protect trade secrets from disclosure and loss.

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Litigation & Licensing:

The firm also provides litigation and licensing services with regard to all aspects of intellectual property rights.

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